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This section will focus primarily on diamond point glass engraving. This is due to the fact that the tools and equipment necessary to create engravings using this technique, are readily available to the general public and do not require a long, drawn out learning process.

Engraving glass with a diamond point tool is based on two fundamental elements: the line and the point (or dot).Lines can be varied in length and width, thereby creating light and shadow. Lines are typically used in designs from nature, coat-of-arms, and geometrical designs.Different dot sizes are produced using various sized diamond tips.

Technique #1: Backgrounding
Using a medium size diamond engraving point and light pressure, fill in the surface using with closely packed lines. This background is then engraved again, but with somewhat greater pressure. The process is repeated until the desire effect is obtained. The closer the lines are to one another, the brighter the effect will be. Relatively large surfaces are treated in this manner.

Technique #2: Hatching
The surface is simply filled in with uniform lines.

Technique #3: Shading
Apply the diamond point with light pressure and pull away to the side to give the line a faded look. This technique is useful in shading grasses and in smoothing harsh transitions.

Technique #2: Stippling
This technique requires a fine or medium diamond tip using a turning or grinding motion to create a dot ion the glass. Stippling is a particularly effective technique for engraving shrubs, flowers, pollen and other similar images. Dots made with a heavy pressure and spaced close together create a denser, white surface. As the pressure is decreased and the dots spaced farther apart, the surface becomes less bright. Consequently using various tip sizes and spacing, one can vary the brightness of a surface as desired. Stippling can also be used to create a very impressive “frost effect”. The background of the glass, that has already been engraved, is covered with dots.